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Episode 1 // Street Christian // feat. Nat Spary

I sat down with Nathan in our little studio where we record the podcast waiting for Nat to arrive. When we heard him pull up I stuck my head out the door and noticed he was driving a van that said BASE services on the side. Nat has become somewhat of a household name among the Christians of the city of Toowoomba because of the many initiatives he does for the impoverished and asking nothing in return.

The first thing that stood out to me was Nat’s big bushy beard. It’s massive. Something I aspire to but feel I’ll never pull off. You only need to talk with Nat for two minutes to notice his generous and down-to-earth personality. He isn’t someone who expects anything from you but just goes out of his way to be nice. He’s a real Aussie bloke.

Every time I asked questions, Nat always took me seriously. His passion for the homeless comes from a much deeper and realer place – his real life experience of someone living on the street. Not to mention his passion from Jesus comes from the same real life experiences. I walked away from our discussion with three important things that have impacted me.

  1. We all hunger for human connection. The poorest to the richest all have the same longing. It may mean something to give food or money to the homeless, but it means so much more to give them the dignity of human connection.
  2. Homelessness can happen to anyone and so many people in Australia live under the poverty line. Many people are close to ending up on the street. We can’t just ignore this large portion of our population but must invest in them. Anything we do, small or large, matters. Maybe we can use our garage to help others rather than store all our junk?
  3. A relationship with Jesus is the greatest motivation to support and help those in need. When Christians carry the name, “we are called to bring healing to the hurts and pain.” Doing it with no strings attached is just a given.

Nat runs the BASE services in town which stands for Build-up, Accept, Support, Encourage. All things which they hope to do for those living on the streets. They run initiatives like Homeless for a Night, teaching people the importance of dignity through experience; Second Shot, a program designed to give homeless people training in hospitality and food service so they can have a second shot at life; as well as other things like Hike for the Homeless. If you’d like to find out more you can follow this link:

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